Course on Computer Concepts [CCC] Offline Batch




The course is designed to equip a person to use computers for professional as well as day to day use. It provides
theoretical background as well as in depth knowledge of Software/ packages. After completing the course the
incumbent will be digitally literate and will be able to:
• Acquire confidence in using computers in Office and General Life;
• Will be able to identify the basic components of computers and terminology;
• Understand file management;
• Create documents using word processor, spreadsheet & presentation software;
• Understand computer networks, and browse the internet, content search, email and collaborate with
• Use e-Governance applications; and use computer to improve existing skills and learn new skills
• Understanding Social Networking platform
• Using internet for Digital Financial services
• Develop knowledge about Futureskills
The module on financial literacy will enable the individuals to understand the various financial services and be
aware of the various schemes of Government.
80 Hours – (Theory: 32 hrs + Practical: 48 hrs )
This course can also be offered as 10 days full time intensive course.
No minimum qualification is required for applying and appearing for the examination in Course on Computer
Concepts [CCC].


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